Yahoo and  Angelino in Austria

Yahoo and Angelino has one house in Salzburg and one in Villach.






16.02.14. Greetings from Villach ... here you can see two snowghosts inmy garden!

Kisses SILVIE with the boys:-) :-) :-)



Christmas 2014.Yahoo and Angelino as Nikolaus and Krampus



27.10.13. Summer 2013 

We've got lots of nice pictures from Austria this summer. They have traveled around all summer and visited many nice places like Italy, Germany, France etc..
The boys have a fanntastisk time and Angelino grow to be a beautiful boy.

I am so grateful for all the postcard and photos, and that I can follow him and Yahoo so close

Thank you so much silvie.


A proud mother and her two babies



The two most beautiful boys in the world

It has been a hot summer and Angelino loves to cool down in hes swimming pool.


15.07.13. From Angelino and Balou  

 A new e-mail with lots of nice pictures came today from Silvie and the boys in Austria.
They finally have their summer vacation and the boys are ready for the beach.


They have now been a week in Villach and wandered in the mountains at 1500m, and been shopping in beautiful Italy, so they have been pretty busy so far.

Now they are a little trip back home in Salzburg before returning to their beautiful home in Villach again.




Today came a greeting from Austria with lots of pictures of the boys. They really enjoy life together with Silvie. In Austria it is allowed to bring dogs on the resturang so the boys have been out to eat several times Silvie tells me. 

And from what I can tell, Silvie really spoils them rotten. Thank you Silvie for taking such good care of the boys


(Angelino) Can I please borrow your shoes mom.......




The boys are finally happily reunited in Austria.



Silvie was here and picked up her little Hero Angelino today and tomorrow they travel home to Østterike and Yahoo Balou. We wish them all the best in the future. And best wishes to the to best friends who finally meet again. Love Mona 


Angelino on his first puppy show.

2 best male puppy





I've got new pictures from Yahoo today. Watch as he enjoys himself. Thank you Silvie. I really appreciate them.


15.05.13. The first images from Yahoo in his new home.

Yahoo feel more at home every day





Yahoo and Silvie at Gardemoen earport 12.05.13.

11.05.13 Kimberbell`s Yahoo Yam Yam.

My beloved Yahoo has finally moved to its new mum Silvie in Austria. It was sad to see him go, but I could not ask for a better home for Yahoo. Silvie loves him so much.

And in about 6 weeks, Yahoo and his best friend Angelino will be reunited when Angelino also travels to Austria
We wish you both good luck with the future and hope you vil get many good memories and happy years together.


Silvie and hear boys 11.05.13.

Mon Cheri`s Her Little Hero Angelino


Kimberbell`s Yahoo Yam Yam



25.03.13. Angelinos new mom Silvie came from Austria and visited us today.

And it was love at first sight.